Julen Alonso & Oinkari (Euskadi)

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Julen Alonso is a musician and composer born in Orion. He participated in the Basque Country trikitixa championships for many years and won 20 championships. He released his first album “Sutan Dantzan” at the 2018 Durango Fair having a great reception and it was published in 2019 followed by several video clips.

The show “Sutan dantzan”, perfect symbiosis between the dance group Oinkari and Julen Alonso, consists of 16 songs. Julen encourages us to get on his train by saying “The performance itself is a journey through different feelings: from joy to sweetness, from strength to tenderness… because the train of life has only one journey, you will find with us a pleasant way to enjoy your dreams.”

Julen Alonso (trikitixa, piano and voice)
Eneritz Aulestia (tambourine and voice)
Iker Telleria (percussion), Joanes Ederra (bass and double bass)
Ander Ederra (Acoustic and Electric Guitar)
Oinkari dance group (6 dancers)

Website: julenalonso.eus/

Facebook: facebook.com/people/Julen-Alonso/100041901075940/

Instagram: instagram.com/julenalonso_/

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