Iñaki Palacios & The Gaels (Euskadi)

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The young Gasteiztarra Iñaki Palacios in his third album, “Baltik”, takes us from the gratitude of the sound of the txistu and from his recognition to that musical Ireland, to the melodies, to its people, to the pubs and its traditions, but all from an eclectic musical vision that dominates in the north of Europe such as the new/trad, the post/folk or the neo-trad.
Baltik is an expression used in Ireland when the weather is deplorable, with terrifying cold, incessant rain and freezing wind. All in one. Musically, however, the album “Baltik” does not show any coldness, the sharpness of the txistu has been well protected, and not only with the instruments next to it, but combining the personality and musical characteristics of the two countries it wants to show, Euskal Herria and Ireland; that is to say, combining the Basque and Celtic melodic possibilities, and twinning them.

Iñaki Palacios: txistu
Javi Garay: acoustic guitar, electric guitar and tenor banjo
Eneko Espino: acoustic and electric bass guitar
Errando Lpz. de Luzuriaga: trikitixa
Iñaki Alarcia: drums and bodhrán
Xabi Mrtz. Ochagabia: violin

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