El Naán (Castilla y León)

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Due to health reasons related to the Covid, El Naán is forced to cancel the concert that was going to be held in Vitoria-Gasteiz on 18-12-2021. Tickets will be refunded in the next few days. Those of you who bought season tickets will be refunded the proportional part. If you bought the tickets in “paper” format, please send us an e-mail to info@aitzinafolk.org with a photo of the tickets and we will tell you how we will refund you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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From the moors of Cerrato Palentino, El Naán explores the ethnic roots of tradition. We will enjoy their powerful live performance which becomes a rite where the most ancestral rhythms and instruments meet with the most contemporary textures, ethnic music, jazz, folk… a ritual of communion with the audience at the same time that  the word, the image and the poetry are added to a fascinating, unique and exciting experience.

The septet has participated in important festivals in Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Portugal and England, performing live for the BBC.

Their second album, Código de Barros was distributed internationally by the English label ARC Music, one of the main world references in World Music and Folk, active since 1976.

His third and latest album “La Danza de las Semillas” has been declared “Best European Album 2018” by the Transglobal World Music Chart, as well as number 4 of the TOP 100 World.

The group creates its own compositions both musically and in the texts and lyrics, to which it confers much importance, proposing a poetic and musical corpus intimately linked.

GERMINAL is the fourth and, for the moment, last work of El Naán from which thirteen songs have emerged…They are rhythms and beats newly born with a great diversity because they are born from the trip as an attitude and as a metaphor. They are exotic and autochthonous sounds at the same time, coming from the Afro-Iberian territory, an improbable tradition with the influence of the Sahara that crossed us, the Atlantic cliffs that saw us leave and return, or the indomitable essence of the peasant and indigenous America.

Ancestral and contemporary sounds, with contributions from jazz and the cathartic spirit of ethnic music. Surely Germinal is twinned with the root music of any place in the world because it is born from the inspiration of popular and peasant music, which are united by an invisible but indissoluble thread… a non-place, a sonorous utopia that is watered with verses and woven words inspired by the oral tradition and the ancient word, in order to tradition and in the ancient word, to access new places, to create new songs that preserve the ancestral spirit of the ancestral and traditional spirit. Contemporary poetry with old wicker, to build songs of today and for today. Nothing new, nothing that the greats have not already done; Lorca, Machado, Miguel Hernandez, León Felipe… “It is mine the ancient voice of the Earth”.


CARLOS HERRERO, leading voice and strings

CÉSAR DÍEZ, electric bass

MARÍA ALBA, percussions and voice

ADAL PUMARABÍN, percussions

JAVIER MEDIAVILLA, electric guitar

HÉCTOR CASTRILLEJO, poetry, rhapsody and video art

CÉSAR TEJERO, saxophone

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