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The technical level will be 3rd or 4th Grade Elementary or Level II of Music School. In the folk fiddle workshops we work on learning melodies by ear and their subsequent ornamentation. Each participant must bring their own FIDDLE.

BLANCA ALTABLE. She is often thought of as a dulzainera. She was born surrounded by the sound of her grandfather’s dulzaina and now bases her music on the traditional dulzaina repertoire of northern Castile adapting the ornamentation and phrasing of the dulzaina to her creative style of playing. As a self-taught dulzaina player, he travels around the world learning from the fiddle masters he has the opportunity to meet. Proof of this is Crisol de Cuerda fiddle camp, a unique gathering in Europe that he started in 2008, at the age of 23, when he met the Scottish fiddle master Alasdair Fraser.
He has had the opportunity to show his music on stages in the Iberian Peninsula, the USA, Africa and part of Europe and has collaborated with projects such as: VocalizÁfrica, Nélida Karr, Vallarna, Pure Hemp, Kasparov vs Deep Blue, Salvador Amor, Sammy Jankis and Dúo La Loba. Folk is her field of expression and she draws from different traditions and approaches to this style. This leads her to collaborate with projects of different nature: indie, singer-songwriter, electronic, traditional music, pop or world music. All of this together with the folklore of her homeland, Castilla. She has performed at Aitzina Folk on previous occasions with Castellanas and teaching fiddle workshops.

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