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Noites de Rock e Meigas (NoReM) is characterized by offering a complete show of fusion music and traditional dance, with a lively and powerful staging, where the bagpipes and chanting melodies are the protagonists, making the audience to participate in the party from beginning to end.

This Folk-Rock group is based in Miranda de Ebro, fuses Galician culture and folklore with contemporary rhythms and styles such as pop and rock. The group’s trajectory, although not very long in time, has been intense and with several notable milestones. The project began its journey in 2015, when several musicians from Miranda and members of the folk group of the Galician Centre of Miranda came together on the occasion of the anniversary itself. The success of this initiative was the seed of the creation of the group in 2017, with a stable formation which is composed of 13 members.

A year later, in April 2018, they won the first prize in the contest titled “Festival Sarmiento Folk-Rock”.. From there, the group recorded its first album, “Fun polo aire“, and began their tour to the northern of Spain presenting it. The reception has been wide and it has been echoed by several media referents in the folk scene, even appearing in the TVG program Luar.

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