Korrontzi & Xabier Amuriza (Euskadi)

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Korrontzi presents in this Aitzina Folk his new album, “Koplariak”. The tenth album by the group is the result of collaboration between Korrontzi and Xabier Amuriza (bertsolari, writer and researcher). In its sixteen years of existence, Korrontzi has become the showcase for a whole tradition throughout the world, making Basque language, dance and music known at the most important “World Music” festivals in the world. With this work they are returning to their roots, giving the “koplagintza” the place it deserves within traditional music.

Korrontzi was created in 2004 by the trikitixa performer Agus Barandiaranpara to give Basque popular music, as well as the ancestral and traditional sounds of his land, a more modern and contemporary aspect, but always from the perspective of a music based on the trikitixa and other traditional instruments such as the txalaparta or the alboka, without ever forgetting the absolute respect for all the tradition he had received from his first teacher, the trikitilari Rufino Arrola (1909 – 1996). To achieve this new sonority, he surrounded himself with more modern musical styles and counted on the help and union of instruments such as the mandolin, the electric bass, the double bass or the percussions.

During these years, Korrontzi has taken his culture, language, dance and music all over the world, playing at major festivals and visiting numerous countries. He has been awarded several awards.


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