J. M. Ribelles band (Cataluña)

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#3 is the title of the Josep-Maria Ribelles’ last work. The harpist and composer closes a stage of search and deep immersion in tradition initiated with Ondine’s ballen (2011), his first solo album and later Enllà (2017), recorded in duet with Kepa Junkera, the master of the trikitixa. Gothic and Celtic harps are the nuclear element of a journey where the most electric FolkRock coexists with natural harmony next to traditional melodies and original compositions.

In #3, the various harps, an essential and central instrument in Ribelles’ career, are the main exponent of a journey in which the most electric folk-rock and self-composed music coexist naturally with traditional melodies.

Tristán Ribelles: electric bass

Tony Meléndez: bouzouki, square tambourine and mandolin.

Marina Férriz: violin

Jordi Foraster: electric guitar

Moises Baño: drums

Josep-Maria Ribelles: electric harp

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