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Free of charge, invitations available in Oihaneder euskararen etxea from 18 November.

The Ahire Ahizpak group is composed of three sisters from Urepel. Miren, Amaia and Paxkalin, nieces of bertsolari Xalbador, sing themes from the group Ez Dok Hamairu, popular themes and verses learned from their family. A year ago they published the album “Bidexka” in the Erroa publishing house. With the collaboration of musician Sébastien Desgrans, they present lyrics and songs by Mixel Labegerie, Eñaut Etxamendi, Mikel Laboa, Lourdes Iriondo, Xabier Lete and Xalbador. In the interpretation they give priority to the lyrics and harmonize three voices with a result full of naturalness.