Get involved with Aitzina Folk

If you can’t come to the festival but you want to help, we propose you to be part of Row 0:


Also through the account number below, you will be able to make the contribution you want to the cause.

Laboral Kutxa  C/C: 3035-0228-96-2280099996

Kutxabank  C/C:    2095-3159-30-9117050336

La Caixa  C/C:       2100-5866-55-0200041666

¡Thank you!

The amounts donated to AEFAT-AITZINA FOLK have significant deductions in personal income tax (IRPF) and corporate income tax (IS) both in the Alava and Euskadi tax area (NORMA FORAL 16/2004, DE 12 DE JULIO) and in the state tax area (Ley 49/2002, de 23 de diciembre).  AEFAT-AITZINA FOLK: Registered in the National Register of Associations on 6 July 2010, with number 1/1/595510, declared of public utility by Orden INT/2541/2014 of 16 December 2014, declared as a priority activity of patronage by the DFA according to Foral Decree Decreto Foral 34/2018.