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9 years of age and older.

It is advisable to wear sneakers and comfortable clothes.

Aimed at people of all ages (children from 10 years old), our workshops introduce participants to traditional Irish dance in a fun and enjoyable way.

Anyone can quickly master the steps and figures, no previous experience or dance partner is necessary.

During the workshop we will pass through different types of Irish dance:

– Céilis: meetings of Gaelic peoples that throughout history have become so popular that today the term refers only to social dances.

– Soft shoe: dances with white leather shoes, similar to half-point ballet shoes. High and elegant jumps, natural grace and lightness can describe this style.

– Hard shoe: hard shoe or Irish tap dance. It is the most famous discipline, popularized worldwide by shows like Riverdance or Lord of the dance.

In addition, we will work on musicality to understand the difference between the most representative rhythms of traditional Irish music: jigs, reels and polkas.

The workshops are an educational and above all fun cultural experience, which tries to bring Irish culture closer to all those who are interested in learning about it. For all people who have Celtic imprint in the heart! good dose of fun, Celtic music and good craic good Irish roll easily contagious.

Teachers: Valeria Gorokhvodatskaya, cond TCRG. Teacher accredited by CLRG Irish Dancing Commission. Polina Gorokhvodatskaya, Director/Choreographer of Nuala Irish dancers.