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CANCELLED!!!!! For health reasons, Kepa Junkera has been forced to cancel the concert it was planning to perform at the Aitzina Folk on December 15. We wish Kepa a speedy recovery! Cheer up Kepa! Shortly we will contact everyone who has bought the ticket to return the amount or we will do it automatically. However, we would be delighted if you could continue to collaborate with our project; the research of ataxia-telangiectasia. We encourage you to attend the remaining concerts of the festival: ZARUK (14 Dec), Gasteiz Big Band (27 December) or the double concert of Mendizorroza: ALBOKA + CAPERCAILLIE . With the latter we have a challenge. Fill Mendizorroza to get one more year of research in AT. We wait for you! + info www.aitzinafolk.org

Kepa Junkera, the great ambassador of Basque culture in the world, repeats in the Aitzina Folk with Sorginak, a group of six young Basque singers and percussionists.

The Bilbao musician, composer and producer of Basque folk music returns to the Festival. Master of the trikitixa, he has released 29 albums to date, winning in 2004 the Latin Grammy award for Best Folk Album for his live album ‘K’. Influenced by his maternal grandfather, he has lived traditional music since he was a child. Self-taught, restless and brave, he has created his own style and has marked a personal path that has led him to become one of the most international musicians in the Basque Country.

In his first album, Kepa, Zabaleta eta Motriku (1987), he begins to see the great transformation he will carry out both in the way he performs and composes in the trikitixa. In the following two he fused triki with Jazz, resulting in two avant-garde works that were ahead of their time. Then came collaborations with great musicians such as Riccardo Tessi, John Kirkpatrick, Júlio Pereira, the albokari Ibon Koteron…

In 1998 he presented one of his most important and award-winning works: Bilbao hora 00:00h where more than 40 musicians work on this tribute to his hometown. His album HIRI (2006) was selected as the best album of World Music. In ETXEA (2008) he brings together 27 traditional themes of Basque culture with more than 50 artists such as Estrella Morente, José Antonio Ramos, Dulce Pontes, Miguel Bosé, Ana Belén, Víctor Manuel, Sole Giménez, Miguel Ríos, Andrés Calamaro, Joaquín Díaz, Amancio Prada….

His continuation was KALEA (2009), with 82 artists from 11 American countries, recording 24 songs of traditional Basque music, among them Juanes, Pablo Milanés, Ximena Sariñana, Liliana Vitale, Pedro Aznar, Patricia Sosa, Lito Vitale, Celso Duarte… In HABANA SESSIONS has the trikitixa and the melodies of Kepa Junkera, seasoned with the simplicity and subtlety of the Cuban Rolando Luna, pianist of “Buena Vista Social Club”, starring together in a different and personal album, full of strength.

In 2010, Kepa Junkera together with Xabier Amuriza and LEIOA KANTIKA KORALA presents the album BETI BIZI composed of 12 songs in which they fuse perfectly past, choral world and electronic music.

Junkera has also collaborated with musicians as diverse as María del Mar Bonet, Carlos Núñez, Caetano Veloso, The Chieftains, Dulce Pontes and Pat Metheny, among many others. His participation in various cultural activities in favour of Euskera, and his commitment to the txalaparta, the alboka and the Txistu are also noteworthy. His work has been prolific, both as a musician, as a producer and composer, and as a teacher.

In this concert, in addition to Sorginak, six young Basque women who sing, dance and play percussions, will have the collaboration of Josep Maria Ribelles on the harp and Eva Tejedor on percussions and voice…