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Compra aquí tus entradas
For all ages.

Music Storyteller.


Once upon a time there was…a strange story or, perhaps, a not so strange story. Once upon a time there was the story of a girl with magic, with a gift and an extravagant, rare chair. Once upon a time there was the story of a boy with a lot of strength, with a giant pocket and with an original, rare foot. Once upon a time there was the story of a few boys and a few girls who had the power to super hear invisible things and laugh moments with exceptional, rare laughter.
This is the story of rare stories, those stories that are for everyone and everyone: ours.

Arantza Cordero will give us small stories of big characters that, accompanied by music, will get into our pockets. The stories that, far from being different, are close and that, as if they were adventure stories, will make us move rather than move.
Chapters of rare stories? Chapters of our stories.

Arantza Cordero, the “girl who takes care of stories”, already has a great trajectory behind her back creating, telling and making other worlds fly. Specialized in the world of children, in their literature, in their concerns and professional when it comes to establishing pedagogical tools from the artistic disciplines. Actress, writer, traveler with SuperKreativa cape (brand that is making a niche).