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Get involved with Aitzina Folk

If you can’t come to the festival but you want to help, we propose you to be part of Row 0. Through the account number below, you will be able to make the contribution you want to the cause.

Laboral Kutxa  C/C: 3035-0228-96-2280099996

Kutxabank  C/C:    2095-3159-30-9117050336

La Caixa  C/C:       2100-5866-55-0200041666

¡Thank you!

The amounts donated to AEFAT-AITZINA FOLK have significant deductions in personal income tax (IRPF) and corporate income tax (IS) both in the Alava and Euskadi tax area (NORMA FORAL 16/2004, DE 12 DE JULIO) and in the state tax area (Ley 49/2002, de 23 de diciembre).  AEFAT-AITZINA FOLK: Registered in the National Register of Associations on 6 July 2010, with number 1/1/595510, declared of public utility by Orden INT/2541/2014 of 16 December 2014, declared as a priority activity of patronage by the DFA according to Foral Decree Decreto Foral 34/2018.